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Rigging | Ropes - moorings

Gremco provides a large range of ropes and mooring lines.

Gremco can offer advice and information on the latest materials available for running rigging. Ropes for all running lines on cruise sailing yachts, born from the experience and from the constructive techniques matured on the racing products. A vast choice of different structures, diameters and colours enable sailors, shipyards and equipment suppliers to rig any type of sailing boat with a guarantee of quality, duration and safety. The possibility to create ropes of non-standard colours whilst maintaining the qualitative characteristics, allows us to meet any type of aesthetic requirement, with exceptional results of application.

The mooring of any type of boat is, without doubt, a matter of crucial importance. In fact it has to guarantee the safety of the crew, of the boat and of any other nearby boats. Both Maxi-yachts and smaller sailing boats or motor boats can find appropriate solutions, in a choice of products for mooring and anchoring, whether they be fixed or temporary.

With its experience and knowledge, GREMCO can offer:

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