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BLUE SEA | sewage treatment system

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BLUE SEA is a sewage treatment system, of new generation, with capacity from 2500 to 22000 lt/day. The system, fully automatic, technologically advanced, is equipped of a special chemical/Physical laboratory where the waste water come depurate, crushed, sterilized and in accordance to the international norms, that they regulate the drainage in sea of waste water.
A waste water depurator “BLUE SEA” guarantees in fact the elimination of the bacteriological pollution thanks to an oxide/reduction process and it concurs to drastically diminish the pollution TSS, BOD5, COD, turbidity and the organic and physical presents in waste water produced in a boat, thanks instead to a fine system depuration.
Thanks to “BLUE SEA” it is therefore today possible to directly discharge waste water in the sea, in accordance to the enforced norms, avoiding at the same time, of having heavy and inconvenient tanks of collection of waste water and long procedures of drainage in the authorized ports.

The depurator “BLUE SEA” is constructed in the compact configuration, and assembled in a solid structure in stainless steel that it guarantees reliability and duration in the time; they, thanks to the small dimensions and versatility, in comparison to the traditional systems, can be usable, in all the applications where the space available for the assembly is reduced.
Moreover the management of the system and the various steps of depuration is been entrusted to a PLC of the last generation, which coordinates all the various operations of the process and monitors step by step.
The unit concurs with the operator to control all the parameters of the operation of the system, rendering more simple the hydraulics and electrical managements.