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Signal Boosters seem to have finally made the grade. Sufferers will tell you of the times they suspected their closest friends, quarreled on non-existent woes with their spouses, got fired up by their bosses, or lost their best clients. All through misunderstandings caused by dropped calls and misheard muffled information. But on a serious note, this innocuous on the surface problem with phone calls can even be lethal, such as when appealing for help under criminal attack, or calling an ambulance with someone severely ill or injured at home. Funnily enough, when singing paeans to their qualities of transmission and to their online service, these Telecom giants never mention “call dropping”.  But this is a problem which has seen the Carriers spend enormous sums of money on higher and higher Booster Towers, without denting the problem at its heart.  Finally, the Cell Signal Booster arrived, albeit to a tepid welcome from the Cell Phone Manufacturers and Carriers alike.


Signal booster

But Booster Manufacturers, who were initially so reviled, did not give up. Their first stuttering efforts, bulky and often unstable, were replaced by sleek, solid state portable all-in-one devices that could be installed almost anywhere, in homes, offices and even cars. Today, the choice is truly vast. Starting with US$5 budget units with passive circuits for cars, there are US$300 wall mounted units powered by domestic power outlets multi-room home units. Some of the smartest Choices in between are worth following. Starting with the best Budget unit, the SureCall Fusion4Home, there is best unit for locations where the Outdoor Signal Strength is weak, the Cel-Fi GO X, whose performance e matches its luxury price. The Wilson Pro 1300 and 4300 lines are two of the jewels loved by a large fan club. HiBoost Home 15K is reckoned the very best for strong outdoor signals. The Digisol DG W480 1AC is a Wireless Device which does away with the Coaxial cable, thus removing the only troublesome feature with Cell Signal Booster, and presents a truly portable and handsome device that the User can carry with his cell phone.

The Future

It is often difficult to predict the future, but certain trends are already observable with this wonderfully utilitarian device. The Booster is getting smaller by the day, thanks to increasing miniaturization. The day may not be far off when this device, like so many others, like the camera, simply becomes an integral part of the Mobile Cell Phone.