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Modeling Technology for Sustainable Design

For the modern construction and building industry, building information modeling BIM process enhances the structural engineer’s work flow and can place them to be actively engaged in the sustainable design of a structure. BIM is described as an integrated process which enables professionals to research project operational and physical characteristics before it is built. The AutoCAD BIM solutions are based on AutoCAD Civil 3D software and coordinated dependable information created with Autodesk goods.

By using layout, BIM Professionals can Layout in advanced and intelligent projects from the first phases. Simulate and assess for real appearance, performance and price. Document the jobs more accurately and economically. Deliver the jobs faster, more efficiently and with reduced environmental impact BIM for structural Engineers uses this approach for the engineering procedure that is structural. What Is BIM? BIM is a construction design methodology characterized by the creation and use of coordinated, internally information regarding a construction project in structure and design. BIM creates a digital representation of the building available for high quality construction document creation, design decision making, construction planning, and performance predictions, and price estimates.


The engineer’s virtual design may be used with civil engineers, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers, and architects. That digital version is used as the basis for structure and electronic strategies, and is integrated with analysis, design, and construction documentation. During BIM engineers have the capability to monitor material quantities and explore design options that lead to a design that is sustainable.

The responsibility for Coordination and design is taken on by MEP contractors. Known as a ‘design and construct’ workflow, this system is becoming ever more popular. The builder works on design and the plan based on the client’s specifications. There is a drawing made in the design for manufacture or installation. This is a cost effective and quick method, because contractor resources prices are lower than those of design engineers. As he is making the last procurement and manufacture decisions that this also puts all the control in one group, thereby streamlining the process somewhat.

Looking forward we can observe Industry trends like BIM, integrated project delivery IPD, sustainable design and design to fabrication continued to induce the structural engineering marketplace. As the market moves in this direction, it is our expectation that sustainability will become a component of the foundation for all successful construction projects with each material in the construction process selected for its ecological variables and, when the construction life ends, all construction materials recycled or reused.