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4G LTE Amplifier is a solution for calls that are always disconnected

Currently, mobile phones and, moreover, smartphones have become almost the main daily service, since the list of what the phone cannot do, is reduced over time. But since the cell phone was first invented and used, the reception was controversial, often overriding its goal of being a fully portable long-distance communications device. And even in the 21st century, with all the new smartphones that are released every quarter, the reception remains a pretty controversial issue.

amplificateur 4g

Technology’s answer to this problem was the repeater of the mobile phone

This device is a part of electronic equipment that can be adapted to the main circuits of the phone. It acts as an analog converter of radio frequency communication signals, which are the means of cell phones. Having received the incoming signal from the nearest cell tower, theĀ amplificateur 4g increases the signal level, so that the phone can receive the maximum possible signal even from the most compromised signals, and does the same for the outgoing signal. so that neighboring cellular antennas can transmit the signal as efficiently as if it were at close range. The technology is available today to expand the range of third-generation communication systems (commonly known as 3G), there are similar trinkets, and it works well to increase the high accuracy and data rate that this communication system has to offer

The advantage is that there is no science of rocket science, and it’s pretty simple math: the best signal, the best service and the best experience with a mobile phone. This is further emphasized by much better data rates, GPRS or 3G networks. Therefore, the experience is really fast when transferring video and other works with high data loading. In addition, this means that the likelihood of losing calls is reduced, speech intelligibility is improved and the level of interference is reduced. Thus, these are key points for a corporate user to consider installing one of them on their phones, and they are also the most common users of a mobile phone repeater.


All this has been done and said, the main drawback of this add-on to the phone, namely that its fame drains the battery of its juice, much faster than expected. Taking a sheet of the hypothetical situation mentioned above, companies and executives are a group of people who, as a rule, are disappointed with the constant fluctuations of the signal.