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Types of currencies and items found in POE exalt

Path of exile is one of the most sought after RPG game which is loved by millions of its fans. The game is an action-based game in the role-playing form, which requires one to handle various items and currencies. These currencies and items are fo major use while playing and thus one should have some knowledge of them as well. Come On In And Take a Look Here.

Poe Exalted Orb

Items that are sold and bought in the path of exile game are listed below:

The lower form of currency

  • Portal scroll: this currency is to create portals to and from the current location. This also can be used only once, after while one will have to make another one.
  • Scroll of wisdom: this currency is used to find and identify any type of item that has some type of value and rarity in the game.

Currency to enhance quality

  • Armorer’s scrap: this currency is useful in enhancing the overall quality of the armor by increasing the implicit property of it.
  • Blacksmkths’s whetstone: it can be useful in mending the damaged weapons and also makes it more useful and effective.
  • Cartographer’s chisel: this item is useful in making the maps more clear and useful.
  • Galssblowers’s bauble: one can increase the flask’s life and durability.
  • Gemcutter’s prism: one can use this item on different gems and the effect will change accordingly. It helps increase quality.

Creation and modification of rare items

  • Poe exalt orb: this Poe exalt orb makes a rare item get another affix when the time slot is open.
  • Orb of alchemy: using a certain number of affixes, it can turn any item of normalcy into a rarity.
  • Chaos orb: one can get new and random affixes for a rare item.
  • Regal orb: while maintaining the affixes and also, in turn, getting a new one, this orb makes any magical item covert into rare items.

Creation and modification of magical items

  • Orb of alteration: get new random prefixes or suffixes on a magic item with this orb.
  • Orb of transmutation: using random affixes, this orb can turn any rare time of normal level into a magical item.
  • Orb of augmentation: a magical item can get its missing affixes involving either suffix or prefix.

Creation and modification of unique items

  • Orb of scouring: it makes any item turn normal rare by removing the extra properties from it.
  • Orb of chance: this orb can change any normal item into an item of normal rarity that can include rare, unique and magic properties.
  • Divine orb: the explicit properties of the items get re-rolled.
  • Blessed orb: the implicit properties of the items get re-rolled.

Special types

  • Mirror of Calandra: this item can create mirror images of any item.
  • Vaal orb: it can change any item by corrupting it in any way possible.
  • Orb of fusing: it can change an item as the sockets links get re-rolled in an item.
  • Chromatic orb: the sockets of any item can get colored.
  • Jeweler’s orb: the number of sockets in an item gets re-rolled.